Meal Subscriptions in Bothell WA

If you're looking for convenience and nutrition, you need meal subscriptions in Bothell, WA. FitTrax gives you more time back in your day with high-quality, chef-driven meals designed to keep you satiated and energized to face the day. If you're ready to take the next steps, here's what to know about FitTrax meal subscriptions and how to make them work for you.

Enjoy Meals Customized to Your Activity Levels

Image of to convey the benefits of Mongolian Beef and vegetables  Meal Subscriptions in Bothell WAWhen you're looking for meal subscriptions in Bothell, WA, you need the right-sized portions to meet your needs. Staying satiated after a workout or a slow day at work requires less fuel than someone training for a marathon. Unlike other meal plans, FitTrax gives you a variety of options that fit your fitness goals. Here are some of the subscription plans and a la carte selections, including:

We provide a variety of subscription plans or a la carte options you need, including:

  • Balance: Dig into 7 meals that are balanced to fuel your workout and training goals.
  • Athlete: Enjoy power-packed, nutrient-dense meals to build up your endurance and performance levels.
  • Tone: Get healthy and toned while sustaining the energy you need for a challenging workout while shedding the excess fat.
  • Builder: Enhance your cardio or gym challenge with our Builder subscription plan.
  • Performance: There's no need to prep and cook at the end of the day when Performance offers the nutrition and energy you need at the end of the day.
  • Peak Performance: Burn and build your way through intense training with our Peak Performance meal subscriptions in Bothell, WA.
  • Ultra: Get the best of our chef-created meals that pair perfectly with a long week at work.

No matter which meal subscriptions in Bothell, WA, you select, we only use high-quality ingredients and nutrition for flavorful meals.

Make It Convenient

When time is valuable, prepping for meals and prioritizing nutritious meals often fall to the wayside. We make it easy to stick to your goals with our meal subscriptions in Bothell, WA. FitTrax ships the meals you want to your doorstep or place of business for easy reheating without losing nutrition and flavor. You get everything you need to make eating convenient and supercharge your health goals.

Discover New Go-To Meals

We know it can be a chore to come up with new meal ideas and put a spin on your tried-and-true favorites. We give you everything you need to discover a new variety of go-to meals. Our meal subscriptions in Bothell, WA, keep you engaged with your fitness goals or just the desire to eat better, with our subscription plans or a la carte items to choose from.

Don't Settle for the Status Quo

We're here to fill a need in Bothel, WA, with meal subscriptions and dishes you love. Instead of subpar breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that don't motivate you, we focus on flavor and nutrition. Our meals skip the excess sugar, dyes, and preservatives and instead focus on right-sized portions and high-quality ingredients. All of our meals are chef-driven by FitTrax creator and chef Mark Riggs.

Chef Mark worked his way up from a teenage restaurant dish washer to a globetrotter enthralled with food. His travels across the country and South America sparked a passion for a new way to approach food. As the founder of FitTrax, Chef Mark focuses on organic, healthy, and delicious food cooked fresh. Whatever your goals, we remove diet failure and replace it with fresh, delicious meals that help you succeed.

Next Steps

Ready to take control of your nutrition and get more time back in your day with meal subscriptions in Bothell, WA? Get done-for-you meals with lean protein, fibrous vegetables, whole grains, and more to optimize your day. FitTrax helps fuel your performance with macro-friendly meals and dishes with weekly to 21-day meal options. Or choose from our a la carte option and bulk items to maximize your favorite flavors and nutrients. Get started today.