How It Works

Advanced Nutrition, To Your Doorstep

Healthy, Clean Food

  • Gluten-Free

  • Grass Fed Beef

  • Sustainable Seafood

  • Organic Seasonal Produce

We source the best quality ingredients available and purchase as many ingredients as we can from local family-run suppliers with sustainable practices. Fresh and healthy is our number one priority so our fruits and vegetables are naturally grown and our meats are grass-fed and fish are wild-caught. Working with the seasons we do commonly switch out some of the meals vegetable options so that you have the best local products.

Food, Engineered for Fitness

  • Crafted Locally by People

    Chef Mark and his team use local, fresh ingredients

  • Loaded with Protein

    Each dish is packed with protein, with the option of adding even more

  • Plenty of Fruits and Veg

    Each dish contains fresh, never frozen produce to recharge you

  • Easy Preparation

    Just microwave and go, perfect for busy individuals

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