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**Please note: Subscriptions will be delivered every Friday with a minimum of 7 days notice**

Balance - 7 meals

Keep your balanced healthy eating in line while you sustain necessary energy throughout your week. Choose seven chef-prepared meals.

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“As someone who lives a busy and active lifestyle, not only is convenience important but so is a healthy meal I can take on the go.”

Kim Toyoda


“I’ve tried several healthy meal delivery services in the Seattle area and Mark Riggs is creating the absolute best with MR Fitmeals.”

Samantha Kersul


“After not being able to keep up with a healthy eating schedule at my job, Mark saved me with MR Fitmeals that he hand delivers.”

Gloria Foley

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dottie Shaw
A Little confusing

I've used Factor subscription service and it is pretty straightforward to use and understand. FitTrax is harder to understand and use. I have a subscription for 7 meals and I go in an order meals but it doesn't track what I have in my basket or tell me I have hit my 7 meals. The way Factor does it is that they automatically order meals for you that you can change and if you hit the number of meals in your subscription, it tells you that you can order more meals but the price for additional meals is a little higher than the meals you buy as a subscription. Factor is very clear on the process for your subscription and the costs. Also to change subscriptions, you have to cancel your current and sign up for a new subscription. Why can't I just change the subscription? I do think FitTrax meals are pretty healthy, the macros are on track with what I want to eat, and I do like most of the meals I have ordered. I realize FitTrax is local and relatively new but would love to see improvements to the website and subscription process because I feel like the meals are pretty on track for healthy eating.

Amy Golub
Just ok

I’m not sure I like this service. You cannot easily change your meals in your subscription. You have to ask the company to manually change it each time. The meals are fine but probably not worth the trouble for me.

Melissa Jensen

The meals are really fresh and flavorful. I’ve tried a few different meal subscriptions and this is the best by far, in terms of taste and cost efficiency.

The only area for improvement would be choosing meals. It is unclear (likely user error) whether I can add in different meals to the program, if it is possible it isn’t as easy as other programs I’ve tried. Additionally, there are a lot of e-mails that are sent out which could be scaled back or give an option to reduce the amount of emails sent.

Stacie Meyer
Delicious and convenient

Huge fan of these healthy and delicious meals! Great variety and flavor!