Where to Find Inspiration for a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Where to Find Inspiration for a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Eating a healthy lifestyle isn’t as easy and fun as some influencers make it seem. What happens on the days you forgot to meal prep or come home late from the gym or work? You’re more likely to eat unhealthily, that’s what! We’re going to fix this problem and give you the tools and resources to find inspiration for a healthy eating lifestyle. 

Find Inspiration for a Healthy Eating Lifestyle on Instagram

Instagram is our first recommendation because of its visual appeal. While it could mean following some influencers, it can also mean following healthy eating lifestyle companies (like us! Follow us on Instagram) and businesses. It takes 7-8 times for a consumer to see an ad before making a purchase, and the same applies to your social media algorithm! If the majority of who you’re following on social media is healthy eating lifestyle people and businesses, then you’re more likely to stay with a healthy eating lifestyle since that’s what you’re being shown consistently. 

Besides being positively influenced to making healthier eating and lifestyle choices, social media is a great tool for learning more about a healthy eating lifestyle. By following the accounts that specialize in healthy eating lifestyles, you’re also learning from them and can take that newfound knowledge into your own life! 

There’s more to just following accounts! You can leverage social media to your advantage by researching healthy eating lifestyles through the hashtag feature. #HealthyEating has over 42 million posts and #HealthyEatingLifesyle has over 75,000. Use hashtags on Instagram to find delicious and appetizing posts on the platform. This one is our favorite from the #HealthyEating search! There’s so much inspiration to find on Instagram because the platform is made for pictures and sharing photos, which makes it easy to see a delicious meal and replicate it. 

Find Inspiration for a Healthy Eating Lifestyle on Pinterest

Another visualize-focused platform is Pinterest. Pinterest is great for finding healthy eating lifestyle information like recipes and tips. The platform lets you pin and save posts to a board, making it easy to find the posts later. Make a healthy eating lifestyle board filled with recipes, mouth drooling meals, and whatever else gets you excited about living a healthy eating lifestyle! 

Find Inspiration for a Healthy Eating Lifestyle on Facebook

Now that you’ve got all the visuals, it’s time to find a community to support you! This is where Facebook comes in handy. Facebook groups are a fantastic tool to bring together like-minded people. We bet there’s a Facebook group for everything:

Facebook Groups can help you learn more while feeling connected with individuals. Maybe someone shares a new recipe that you try or you join a healthy food challenge. Or maybe you make a new friend! 

Follow us on Facebook so we can be your healthy eating lifestyle influencer on your timeline! 

Find Inspiration for a Healthy Eating Lifestyle on Blogs

If reading is more your style, then blogs about healthy eating lifestyles would be right up your alley! Blogs are great to learn more about a specific subject or wanting to connect to an individual and hear their story. Here is a list of some of the blogs we like at FitTrax:

If you need help implementing a healthy eating lifestyle, start with our meals! We have a subscription box for every healthy eating lifestyle.  Don’t get overwhelmed with meal prepping and making healthy choices, instead save yourself time, money, and stress with our nutritious and healthy meal deliveries! Browse FitTrax's selection of delicious entrees here

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