Does What You Eat Determine How Successful You Are?

Does What You Eat Determine How Successful You Are?

If you have lofty plans for business, life, and fitness but can't seem to stay on top of everything, it could point to your diet. You actually can eat for success, which improves everything from energy to productivity and focus. Here's a look at how to optimize your brain health and stay on top of your diet to reach your goals for success.

Energy Levels

Whether you're starting a business or focusing on a new goal, like running a marathon, it's normal to feel waves of exhaustion. The answer could be more rest, but your diet likely needs tweaking.

Any food with calories provides energy, but eating the wrong things could ultimately drain your reserves. If you eat highly processed food or fat, you may get a boost of serotonin followed by feeling sluggish and tired.

Instead, you can fuel up on more energy with energizing foods, like blueberries, spinach, nuts, beans, soy, and low-dairy products. Add in some whole grains and high-quality carbohydrates with some healthy fats. 

Productivity Output

With more energy comes a more significant potential for productivity. One way to improve your productivity is by eating more often. When you eat small meals throughout the day, you maintain a constant glucose level which could mean a drop in blood sugar and productivity. 

Of course, what you eat also matters. Almonds, bananas, eggs, dark chocolate, salmon, avocado, and even dark chocolate help keep you fueled throughout the day and your productivity high. Drinking plenty of water is also essential, and a small amount of coffee or green tea could prove beneficial.


Our body converts most of the food we eat into glucose, which in turn helps our brains tune in and focus. Without enough glucose, it's challenging to focus and stay on task.

Focus, energy, and productivity all go hand-in-hand and impact one another. But that's also good news when it comes to eating healthier. The foods you choose will likely improve all facets of your brain function and energy to set yourself up for success. Consuming lots of leafy green vegetables, pumpkin seeds, and nuts gives your brain a boost in focus. 

Avoid Foods that Impair Your Success

Anything highly processed, filled with sugars, and teeming with fat is unlikely to serve your brain health. There are some exceptions. A fruit high in natural sugar, like an orange, can boost your memory and energy. Fatty avocados are also incredible brain food and can help fuel your energy. But despite how healthy they are, you should still eat this power-packed food in moderation.

Instead, focus on high-quality fruits and vegetables that you can eat a lot of, like leafy greens. They're shown to slow down the rate of cognitive decline and may help improve overall memory and focus.

Customize Your Eating for the Results You Want

If you're all about brain food to position yourself for success, fatty fish, leafy greens, and whole grains can all help optimize your productivity and focus. But if you're an athlete, you want high-volume quality food that enables you to keep lean muscle and energy levels high. 

We offer subscription meal plans that are customized to meet your goals and preferences, including:

  • Balance
  • Vegan
  • Athlete
  • Tone, Builder
  • Performance
  • Peak Performance
  • Ultra

Meal Plan Before You're Hungry

Being hungry isn't the time to reach for healthy food options. You're more likely to reach for processed foods and junk that give you an immediate energy boost and cater to those cravings. But if you meal plan in advance and get on top of your hunger, you're more likely o make good choices and eat for success. 

Ready to Take Control of Your Health and Nutrition?

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