How to Overcome Common Cooking Objections and Eat Healthier

How to Overcome Common Cooking Objections and Eat Healthier

If you're not motivated to cook because it feels complicated or out of reach, you're in good company . Research shows that 28% of Americans can't cook, leaving it up to their partner, take-out, or bare basic meals.

Everyone needs some reasonable cooking skills to stay independent and create healthy and nutritious meals. The good news is you can overcome the most common cooking objections and boost your skills with a few easy steps.

Healthy Cooking is Challenging

Cooking healthy, nutritious foods can be challenging, but it doesn't have to derail your efforts in the kitchen. Focus on keeping things simple with a short ingredient list. Opt for a lean protein like chicken or salmon, a complex carbohydrate such as brown rice, vegetables, and maybe some colorful fruit for dessert. As you get more comfortable cooking, you can add more ingredients and flavors to your dishes.

There's No Time to Cook

Being too busy to cook is a common obstacle that can be challenging to overcome. After all, you can't squeeze in more time in the day to get it all done. One option is to stick to meals that take no more than 20 to 30 minutes to make, but you'll still need to consider time for grocery shopping and clean up.

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It's Too Expensive

Getting your kitchen stocked with supplies does take an investment. You'll need a decent set of pots and pans, salt, pepper, and spices. Grocery shopping can also feel challenging when working from popular, complex recipes. Instead, opt for simplifying your meals and creating a weekly theme. For example, Mediterranean or Mexican week will pull from the same flavor profiles and ingredients, making it easier to reuse what you already have. 

Beyond meal time, snacks can also add up on your weekly grocery list. Instead of buying pricey, sugary protein bars, make your own protein smoothies. Reach for your favorite nut butter, a handful of chia seeds, fruit, and kale to create a high-protein snack without the expense.

It's Too Messy

A messy kitchen is often the sign of a great meal, but that doesn't make it enjoyable to clean up. Instead of waiting until you finish eating, prioritize cleanliness by tidying up as you cook. Wash up pots and pans that you're no longer using and put away your ingredients when you're done while dinner simmers. You'll cut your after-dinner clean-up in half. 

Not Sure How to Season Food Correctly

selection of seasoning - seasoning food correctly - fittrax.jpgOver-seasoning your food can make or break your dish and turn cooking into a source of frustration. The basic rule for seasoning and flavoring is tasting as you go. Dip your spoon into your pot and sample what you're tasting, using a clean spoon for each taste.

Gradually add a pinch of salt, pepper, and other seasonings. Following along with a recipe can also help figure out the right amount of seasoning. Over time, it gets easier to identify when something is lacking salt or needs something to sweeten up your dish.

Never In the Mood to Cook

It's normal to feel uninspired to cook after a long day at work or during a stressful, busy season. Identify a weekend afternoon when you want to listen to music or watch a game while you cook. Whip up a few meals that can quickly freeze and reheat during the week. 

Next Steps

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