How to Maximize Healthy Meal Delivery Services

How to Maximize Healthy Meal Delivery Services

If you're struggling to get on top of healthy eating, the answer isn't necessarily about trying harder. Instead, outsource your food and nutrition prep to a healthy meal delivery service that maximizes your nutrition. They do the work for you and you can learn more about nutritious eating habits along the way.

Here's how to optimize your health while making the most out of meal kits and a la carte options.

Gather Insights on Food Pairing

Whether you enjoy cooking from scratch or are new to the culinary scene, there's always room to learn more about food pairings. Food pairing creates fantastic flavor and can also help maximize your nutrition. 

Our healthy meal delivery services focus on well-balanced, healthy meals. We rotate our selections weekly with the best ingredients for high-quality nutrition and proteins.

Relearn Portion Control

Restaurant portion control has nearly tripled over the last 20 years and contributes to obesity in children and adults. But even if you have a handle on portion control, it's easy to start slowly sizing up your meals without even realizing it.

Signing up for healthy meal delivery services simplifies the problem. You relearn portion control while still eating satisfying, satiating meals. As you eat healthier, you'll likely reach for more nutritious snacks between meals and stay fuller longer. 

Eat Like an Athlete

Portion control is essential to your health, but it's not always an exact science. After all, the average person who sits at a desk most of the day doesn't need the same portion as someone incredibly active.

For example, an average pro athlete can burn between 300 to 800 calories per hour during training, with multiple daily sessions. Compound those hours over a week, and bulk nutrition becomes vital to success. 

Unfortunately, many meal delivery services only focus on the average person and their basic caloric needs. FitTrax offers athlete-friendly meal services that need large, nutrient-dense meals to supply you with the building blocks to succeed. These meals still focus on portion control but are the right size for your specific high-energy performance needs. 

Eat Macro-Friendly Meals

Investing in a meal service is a great start if you're looking into counting macros to optimize your nutrition. Macro-friendly meals are high in protein and low in carbs. They also tend to be low in fat or contain high-quality fats that provide more energy and nutrition. 

The downside to counting macros is that it's hard to get the measurements right on your own. It requires a lot of tracking and measuring to figure out the amount of nutrients you need. Instead of doing it on your own, a meal delivery kit focused on macros does all the hard work for you. 

Incorporate More Fresh and Organic Foods

Eating fresh and organic isn't always straightforward, especially if you're busy and are new to creating healthy meals. Although most people don't think of meal deliveries shipped to their front door as eating locally, fresh, and organic, it's entirely possible. 

Our chef sources high-quality, local ingredients that are prepared and packed to ship to you every week. We also select grass-fed meat and wild-caught fish. Your meals are also created from scratch to maximize fresh ingredients.

Rethink Convenience

Meal kit delivery services are convenient when you're busy or aren't a fan of cooking meals seven days a week. But eating healthy is also a convenience. You're more likely to feel energetic, healthier, and focused after eating a nutritious meal. As a result, you could find yourself more productive and ready to face the day.

Create Your Own Recipe Ideas

As you get more familiar with healthy eating options, it's easier to come up with your own recipe ideas. Use your meal kits to get inspired by different flavor profiles and create dishes you wouldn't have thought of before. You can find whatever you're interested in, whether you want more lean proteins or plant-based options.

Trying new food also lends itself to getting bolder. You develop more of a history of taking food risks and reaping the rewards. 

Order a La Carte

Some people find meal delivery services challenging because they have specific restrictions and are not quite what they want. Or the meals tend to stay the same instead of mixing up the variety.

FitTrax makes it easy to choose with either done-for-you meals or a la carte options—mix and match items, like fresh salmon filets or prawns with asparagus and quinoa. 

Check out our menu for a variety of healthy meals. We also provide options that are gluten-free and focus on macro-friendly ingredients. Everything you need is done for you to reheat and enjoy your meal.

Set-Up a Subscription

Instead of leaving your nutrition up to chance, healthy meal delivery services are delivered b subscription. Order your weekly supply of meals, whether you just want dinner for every night of the week or breakfast and lunch too.

FitTrax offers meal options for 7 to 21 meals at a time. Or you can create custom meals on your own through our A La Carte option with our bulk items to maximize your favorite flavors and nutrients. Get started today.

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